They Call Her Queen

Quinlen Macy is our first girl.  Our angel baby.  Our baby who slept easily, played easily, ate easily, traveled easily….was the easiest little person.  Our middle child.

<And you know it’s coming, right?>


…we moved,

…baby Lennox was born,

…she started school,

…she changed beds

…she gave up her binkies,

…her parents gave into her temper tantrums….

We have a long list of  excuses reasons as to why what seems like an enormous shift happened in her life and she started to really demand a large chunk of our energy and patience and attention.  Those of you who know us well know that we even sought out professional help this past year when we were truly at our wits’ ends.  Two different counselors with Ph.D.s after their names listened to our long list of concerns that we’d written down on our yellow legal pad (yes, we’re those people) and we carefully took notes as to how to curb her middle-of-the-night-temper-tantrums and her other fucking exhausting leadership qualities she was so strongly exhibiting.

Quin had become the bellwether in our family. “Did you have a good day Addy?” was only answered after I thought, “hmm…did Quin have a good day?”  Quin was becoming the leader in our family–and by leader, I don’t mean democratically elected leader. I mean, she dictated the temperament of our household by her mercurial moods.

Luckily, things shifted and by the time we were preparing to move to Santiago Quin was pretty even-keeled in her behavior.

We were relieved to see that all three of our kids settled into their new school in Santiago without much fuss.  Sure Lennox (and I) cried the first week during drop-off but the big kids were pretty disappointed when we showed up to pick them up every day. They made friends and played hard and learned a lot. Language barriers and all, their eyes lit up when they went to school.

In Spanish “qu” is pronounced “k” and “i” is pronounced “ee” and so technically Quin’s teachers should have called her “Keen.”  But, as it turns out, they somehow called her Queen.  They even gave up on the American spelling of her name.  I’m looking through her folder of school work from Santiago and see that every bit of her work is nicely labeled QUEEN.

Oh, so appropriate.

Last week our friend emailed and asked us how everyone was doing. How was Carter? How was Lennox? How was Queen?

This, my friends, is one of the finer memories from Santiago.




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